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Donald Wellman Jr. the owner of Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning, LLC., has been pumping septic tanks for over 20 years. He knows and understands how a septic system works, and will take the time to explain what is going on with your system.

Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning can usually get to your home to pump out your septic tank within 48 hours. Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning takes appointments to come to your home at your convenience. Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning is affordable and does a professional job. Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning does not drive on your yard, and has plenty of hose on his truck to get to your tank wherever it may be on your property.

You can call the office for a friendly quote from the office staff. The cost depends on the size of your tank and whether the tank lids have been dug up (exposed).

Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning prides itself with professional service, we do not drive over your lawn, we pump all the waste out of the tank and rinse it clean, The owner of the company does the cleaning so you can be sure of friendly and professional service every time. He goes the extra mile to be sure the job is done right, and that you are satisfied.

Reason to Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned Immediately

  • Odor: Strong sewage smell from your septic tank is an indication that it’s time for the tank to be pumped. This is the least expensive place to start. However, if sewage has accumulated near the tank, it could probably be because of a break in your system’s sewage lines. The only way to determine the exact problem is to perform a thorough cleanup of the septic tank.

  • Slow drains and toilets: When your septic tank is full, there is no place for the excess waste and water to go. This results in sewage backups and discolored water creeping back up through your toilets and drains. A clogged drain or toilet is a sign that you need to get your septic tank pumped immediately.

  • Soggy yard: When water and waste of a overfilled septic tank begin to resurface, causing a soggy area near the tank, it’s time to get septic tank maintenance services.

Locate Your Septic Tank's Lid

Usually, your tank and lid will be located anywhere between four inches and four feet underground. Take a look at some pointers that will help you locate and dig your tank lid.

You can locate your septic tank’s lid by referring to the diagram that was provided to you after your initial home inspection. This diagram clearly shows the location of your septic tank. If you don’t have it, you can access it from the county records.
Based on the information in the diagram, inspect the structure of your yard for unexplained high spots, low spots, or dead spots in the grass.

Locate the four-inch pipe in your basement or crawl space at the point where it leaves your property and find that location outside your property. Your septic tank might be located 10 – 20 feet from this point. Probing the ground with a thin metal stick will help determine the tank’s exact location.

Septic tanks are generally rectangular with 5 x 8 feet dimensions. Locate its edges by probing the ground and mark them. If the tank was installed before 1975, it might be a two-compartment tank with the lids located at each end of the tank. Both these lids need to be exposed for proper cleaning. These lids are usually at a shallow location in the ground, though, in some cases, they are found at a deeper location.
Once you’ve located and dug up the lid(s) of your septic tank, contact our professionals to open and clean the tank. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to strain yourself.

Don’t forget to mark the spot after locating your tank lid(s). This way, you can avoid excessive digging the next time you need to locate the lids.

Ensure you get your tank cleaned once every three to five years by licensed and insured professionals. This ensures your waste is taken care of legally. Remember that after the septic tank has been pumped out, it might fill up with water again, immediately. Don’t worry; this is normal.

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