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Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning of Michigan is proud to service residential homes in the Midland, Bay, Saginaw, and Genesee County areas.  Here are some tips for help keep your septic system running properly all year long and for many years to come!  We pride ourselves on the best customer service and bang for your buck!  Check out our services and feel free to call us to schedule your septic cleaning today!

1. Don’t wait  pump your tank every 3 to 5 years. Cheaper to pump than to replace!
2. Try to pump your tank in the months of April to November, Can’t dig your lids when the ground is frozen!
3. If your tank has a filter clean it our at least once a year.
4. If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen and a Septic tank do not use the garbage disposal Kitchen scraps do not belong in the Septic Tank.
5. With a Septic Tank it is best to use 1 ply toilet paper.
6. Never drive on your drain field or plant trees or shrubs with in 50 feet of the tank and field.
7. Never put grease down your drains.
8. Always check to make sure your toilets do not run,  or your faucets have a major drip, this can fill up your tanks and cost you money.
9. Do not flush sanitary products ex: tampons, baby wipes, facial wipes , wet wipes , these can and will  plug up your system.
10. If you start to hear gurgling, or if sewage backs up into your toilet or shower, or if they are slow to drain, time to dig up your lids, and call Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning for quick and affordable service.
If you pay attention to these tips your septic system should operate smoothly for year to come.  Are you looking for a septic cleaning company in Michigan to help with your residential needs? Contact us today to schedule your Septic Tank Cleaning!